About Me

Name: Graciella Colmenares

Age: 24

Location: Las Vegas

For as long as I remember, I’ve always found comfort in writing. From the silly journals I scribbled in when I was 7, to the random post it notes cluttered all over my work space, writing helps my life. I use it when I’m angry and need to vent about situations that just don’t sound any better than when written down with a pen on paper. I use it when jotting down notes to myself, events to remember, or homework to do. I use it for creating love notes to my loved ones, when doing school assignments, when I have an idea for a fun project, or when listing out things for my bucket list. I basically use writing in many aspects of my life. It’s therapeutic, relaxing, and makes my life more efficient. So since it’s something I do everyday and enjoy, why not convert my love for writing into a blog where I write about things I like? Now here I am. Plain and simple. But don’t worry, I’ll spare you the boring parts of my days and stick with things that are a bit more exciting. I’m passionate about fashion, beauty, inspiration, my faith, and food. Therefore, that is what you will read.  I’ll even sprinkle in a few things about my family and friends, just because I love them so much. Basically what I’m trying to say is that this blog is my opportunity to share my life with you. After all, getting to know people is one of the best gifts in life. I’m only trying to live up to that. So read my post, browse around. Comment on a post, or don’t comment on a post. If you like what you see, great ! I welcome you ! If you don’t, that’s okay too. But this is who I am, these are my passions, and this is my life.

Happy Reading ❤
aka, Dizzy Spangle

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