Style Spotlight: Anisa Kelso of Green Stitch Fabrics

It’s funny to think that people don’t realize Las Vegas has a fashion industry. With hundreds of brands, new and old, and the place that hosts the largest buyer’s convention in the world, Vegas has a creative scene that is quite understated. Yes, it’s small, but we’re still here. From artists, to designers, to writers and visionaries… Las Vegas is brimming with talent and I love connecting with people who share that same vision.

It’s a blessing that I’ve met some wonderful people in this city, all who possess unique and amazing talents. One in particular is my passionate designing diva of a friend, Anisa Kelso of Green Stitch Fabrics. A lady full of knowledge, experience and passion, Anisa is inspired by the many places of Vegas and channels that into her fabric designs and clothing.

I met up with Anisa in Downtown Las Vegas, where I was able to have a first hand experience with her fashion designs by modeling them for her site.

Read more about Anisa and her design inspirations below…


Name: Anisa Kelso

Age: 30ish

Where are you originally from?
Los Angeles


Tell us about your company, Green Stitch Fabrics.
GS is where designers can find the trend fabrics of the season and put their spin on a trend. It is a place to get tools to create things that are uniquely for customers. I try to inspire designs by creating a few of my own. We specialize in natural based products that are made with care for the fabric and those that make it. A great fabric inspires a great finish.


As a designer, sometimes you need something to trigger your creative ideas.
Where do you draw your inspirations from?

I have a great design room in my house and I take photos of things I like,
such as plants, food… anything that jump-starts an idea.


What inspired the looks you designed and created for this shoot?
I loved the art on the buildings. It is just randomly on a street with abandoned buildings.
It’s created art from the empty. This is one of my favorite places to watch in the city.

wonderful photo-2

What’re three pieces of advice that you would give to any inspiring designer that’s still starting out?
Break the rules of design to make it your own.
Find ways to create from very little.
You never know what it will turn into.

To see more of Anisa’s designs, go to here website here. Also, make sure to follow her Facebook page to stay up to date on all her upcoming projects!

Shout out to OOTDreamer for being an amazing photographer and capturing these shots.

Happy Saturday!

Thoughts? :)

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