5 Great Quotes to Help Jump Start Your Week

One of the most crucial things I’ve learned in life is that your mind set decides what kind of a life you’re going to live. A good mind set brings in more positivism, more happiness and more hope. A bad mindset could bring you to dark places of negativism, feeling unworthy and just down right hating life as it goes. I’d rather stay on the bright side of things (as I’m sure many of you would), which is why I find it important to connect with great people or things that can light up your world, whether if it’s a family member, your awesome group of friends, a great story from your favorite book, or in this case, a great quote.

I am a quote junkie. I wake up every morning reading various books with daily motivational quotes in them to help jump start my day. I believe the first thing you do in the morning can help determine the type of day you’re going to have. With my hectic schedule this quarter, I find that in the first few moments of waking up in bed, my mindset is NOT positive. Lol. My mind usually fills up with thoughts like, “I have to get up already?!” And “Okay, time to do this…but I really don’t want to!” Then, I start to convince myself to get up by making a list in my head of all the things I have to do that day, but sometimes that fails because I start to feel overwhelmed and cuddle my bed even harder. Lastly, I find myself already planning and visualizing the glorious moment of me coming home later that night and just plopping myself back into bed. I don’t know why, but that usually does the trick.

So I get up, I make my cup of tea, and I sit at my desk and read through my books of inspirational quotes and BAM! Just like that, a surge of motivation flows through me, creating a extra spring in my step as I get ready for my day (In all fairness, it could be the caffeine too. Lol).

Since this practice helps me, maybe it’ll help YOU? Here are five great quotes to help jump start your week. 🙂

IMG_8288Don’t worry about the way you look ! You’re gorgeous just the way you are and don’t let anyone tell you different ! Besides, your beautiful personality defines who you are, not the way you look. 

1This is such a powerful quote from the Bible. Even if you’re not a person of faith, these are strong words you can still remember for yourself. Don’t ever forget how strong and mighty you are. Maybe you’re having anxiety about the crazy busy week ahead, but never fear! Lay your anxiety down and trust that whatever comes your way, you will conquer it!
Don’t settle for mediocrity! There was a study that showed that people spend 70% of their life working. Remember that you’re more than just your job. Although we need jobs and money to survive, don’t let it take over your life. Spend that 30% last of your time doing something greater!

IMG_9089Use your time wisely. Your life is precious and you need to consider the things you fill it up with. Do more things that make you happy, that lift you up. You’re here for a higher purpose, to inspire someone, to play a significant role. You were born for this life, so make the most out of it while you can.


You’re going to have critics in all different aspects of your life, but should you let them dictate how you live your life? Not at all! Your life, is YOUR life. Make your life your own. Don’t base it off another person’s approval.


Thoughts? :)

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