Beauty Picks: Organix Hair Care

Aside from fashion, beauty products are a passion of mine. I love make-up, skin care products, lotions, and bath products. However, one of my favorite kinds of beauty products to splurge on are hair care products, especially from my favorite hair care line, Organix.

Organix is a hair and body care line. Their hair care line uses purely natural elements that can only coat every strand of your hair with ingredients of goodness. With nourishing oils like argan, moroccan, and coconut oil, this hair leaves my hair lucious, shiny, and super soft ! I don’t use any other brand except for Organix.

One of my favorite oils they have for their shampoo and conditioner is the keratin oil. As an anti-breakage hair treatment, it fortifies the hair with keratin protein, strengthening your locks while preventing split ends and fly-aways.

$5.99-$7.49; Found at Walgreens, Walmart, CVS, and Target

I used to buy the Organix Argan oil shampoo and conditioner, but it eventually stopped doing anything beneficial for my hair. It was really weird and I got really sad. I was bummed because I thought I found my forever love. However, back in October, my boyfriend bought me the Organix keratin shampoo and I really loved it and I eventually replaced my argan oil shampoo with the keratin oil shampoo.


I started using the keratin shampoo and conditioner together and my hair has transformed miraculously ! My hair was at the point where it was in need of intense moisture. I usually curl my hair with either a curling iron or hot curlers because I don’t like my hair straight. Since I’m using heat excessively on my hair, I need to really take care of it, especially since it’s long ! This keratin oil has made my hair healthier and a lot more shiny ! I am in LOVE.ย I even got my Mom into using it and she is usually very picky about hair care products. She keeps raving about the changes in her hair and is obsessed !

Hope you guys try this product out ! I know there are a lot of gimmicks out there, but this stuff is the real deal and it’s pretty cheap compared to all the high end hair care lines ! This has become a necessity for my hair because that’s how much I love it. You won’t regret it. ๐Ÿ™‚

I want to thank MJDadulla Photography for collaborating with me on this post. Check out her awesome work at:ย Also, follow and like her social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitterย and leave her some love ! ๐Ÿ™‚

Enjoy your weekend, beauties !

5 thoughts on “Beauty Picks: Organix Hair Care

  1. Maisie

    I will definitely try this product out. My hair has been rather dull as of late. And I think that it is my current shampoo… So it is time for a change. ๐Ÿ™‚
    -Also I have been told by many, that how often a person washes their hair will effect it.
    Just as a proposed thought. I was wondering what your routine was with this keratin product.,.. As in do I need to wash my hair daily or once every other day?


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