Parachute Home: The Perfect Cozy Day

For some odd reason, there is this crazy idea that because Las Vegas is in a desert, it doesn’t get too cold here. Well, here’s a news flash: IT DOES. Although it may not snow in the city (It snows in the mountains), the weather can drop down to the 30’s. That’s pretty cold ! As a Michigan native, I should be used to this weather by now, but alas ! I am not. However, I do know one of the best ways to handle the cold months of the year.

On my time off during the winter season, I still find that one of the most pleasurable things to do is to relax at home. There are certain tools that one needs to have the perfect cozy day inside, one of them being the perfect bedding.

A noteworthy bedding company called Parachute Home creates premium quality bedding at an affordable price. Inspired by stylish and luxurious hotels in Italy, Parachute scores to the top with their minimalist style and luxurious feel. Made of long-staple Egyptian fibers and high quality cotton, this super-luxe bedding company offers the perfect bedding bundles without burning a hole in your pocket.

Parachute Bedding, Down Duvet

Their first secret? The caliber of the thread. Thread count isn’t of much importance to these experts, who focus more on the quality of the thread and manufacturing process. The outcome is bedding that is softer and long lasting compared to sheets made with a higher thread count from low-quality fibers.

Their other secret? Taking out the middle man. Parachute takes out the middle man and ships directly to consumers from the factory itself, allowing customers to buy luxury bedding at an affordable price.

Check out the Parachute Luxury Bedding page to find your perfect luxury bedding collection for your perfect cozy day indoors.

Aside from luxurious bedding, take a look at  the other tools I personally use for my perfect cozy day at home !


I love curling up with my iPad air 2 and watching Netflix, or reading a good story on my Kindle.
My favorite book turned into a Kindle case.
I love reading during my time off. My Kindle is stocked with Jane Austen, Edgar Allen Poe, inspirational stories from various artists, Christian devotionals, and modern love stories.
These adorable cat socks keep my feet nice and warm.
Nothing beats my favorite mug filled with my favorite beverage on a perfect cozy day at home. I sip on hot chamomile tea or almond hot chocolate milk. Yum !
And last but not least, Olaf is the perfect companion to snuggle up with on a perfect cozy day at home.


IMG_7068Cheers to the perfect cozy day at home !
Happy Wednesday, all ! Xo

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