Style Spotlight: Evan and Derek

One of my favorite things about fashion is children’s wear. Every time I go to a store that has children’s wear, I immediately start mixing and matching pieces together, envisioning how cute a little girl or a little boy would look in the outfit I put together. Aside from looking absolutely adorable, it’s amazing how some kids dress so well that they look like trendy mini adults in their outfits. Just to prove my point, I know two radical kids who always dress top notch and constantly amaze people with their style. They’ve definitely amazed me !

Evan and Derek are brothers that have stolen my heart since day one. I remember first meeting them at their elementary school when Evan was still in preschool and Derek was still a baby riding in a stroller. Now, at the ages of 8 and 9 of Watching them grow up, I’ve not only watched them grow taller and more mature, but I’ve also seen them evolve as trendy fashionistos.

Residing in California, Evan and Derek’s looks consist of casual urban styles that are fashionable and functional. This allows them to be stylish, yet have the freedom to run around during playtime with their friends. The looks they wear are a combination of the coolest trends, but don’t strip away their essence of being children.

These cool kids don’t even have to try to dress cool, they just DO. Check out the looks I picked out for them below. Shout out to their wonderful Mom for helping me out with this project. Love you, beautiful !

Derek (left) and Evan (right) showing off their looks of the day !
Derek’s look is stylish, but is comfortable enough to run around with his friends.
Beanie from GAP Kids
“Just Blast” shirt from Crazy 8
Shoes from Vans
Belt from Khol’s
Vest from Smoke Rise; Jeans from Levi’s
Evan encompasses the popular urban style with his trendy look.
SD Hat from New Era
Shirt from ING (Macy’s)
Love the mix of faux leather and cotton on Evan’s shirt.
Jeans from Levi’s
Shoes from Converse Chuck Taylor collection
Evan is working the camera !
Smile !


A HUGE thank you to Evan and Derek for allowing me to feature them on my blog this week. Miss and love you boys !

Happy Tuesday, all ! Xo

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