Casper Mattress: Beauty Sleep

As a college student, I’m constantly up and about doing things that completely zap my energy. Whether it’s running around with my head chopped off during fashion events, attending informative yet long four hour classes, or staying up at the wee hours of the night trying to get my homework done, my schedule is chalk full. But even after a crazy busy day, there is one more thing I look forward to doing: SLEEPING !

When I was a kid, I despised nap time or even going to bed. I thought it was unfair that everyone got to stay up and I didn’t. But of course, my parents would tell me that I needed to go to bed because I needed my “beauty sleep”. Now that I’m an adult and barely have time to sleep, I wish I could nap and sleep all the time. Isn’t it funny how that works out? However, one of the things that make sleeping such a great experience is an awesome mattress, particularly a Casper mattress. offers a mattress that is deemed as one of the best mattresses on the market by New York Times magazine. With start-up investors like Ashton Kutcher, Nas, and Steven Alan, Casper has exploded into a high demand product.

Crafted to perfection in the USA, Casper Mattresses are made of a high designed latex foam for cooling and memory foam that conforms to your body for supportive comfort. The latex and memory foams allow you to sleep comfortably without sweating to death, and doesn’t make you feel like you’re sinking to the bottom of the floor. Sleeping on this mattress is like sleeping on a cloud, sure to give you the best nights sleep you’ll ever have. And if it doesn’t, Casper offers a 100 day trial process where you can return the mattress, free of charge. Simple, easy, and hassle free.

Now that we have a wonderful bed to sleep on, let’s talk about sleep style ! Like I said, sleeping is one of my favorite activities, so of course I love investing in a good set of pajamas, night gowns, and beauty necessities to end my night right before drifting off into dream land.


Two types of pajamas I love are two piece thermals and a nice slip dress. Thermals are super comfy and warm, especially for the colder parts of the year. Top it off with a velvet robe and furry slippers and you’ve got yourself the coziest sleepwear ! Some of the best sleepwear is from Target, like the owl shirt, thermal leggings, blue spa robe, and slippers pictured above.

For more intimate nights, I like to wear something lighter. The slip dress above from Victoria’s Secret is made of a super soft material with a lace trim to add some femininity. Match the slip with some snowflake lace cheeky underwear, and you’ve got yourself a sexy, yet snug outfit for a night in with your guy.

To take care of my skin before hitting the hay, I use Pond’s cold cream cleanser to wipe my make-up off, Origin’s Modern Friction to exfoliate and make sure no impurities are left on my face, Origin’s Make a Difference Plus+ moisturizer to saturate the layers of my skin, and I zap any blemishes off my face with Clearasil vanishing cream.

I had a blast creating this mood board for you guys ! But tell me: What’s YOUR beauty sleep style? Do you have a beauty skin care ritual you do every night? Let me know in the comments below ! I’d love to hear from you all. 

Also, for more information on Casper mattresses, head over to  ! Browse through their site and order your very own Casper mattress today ! You won’t be disappointed ! Be sure to follow Casper on Facebook here. 🙂

Sleep well tonight, lovebugs !

Thoughts? :)

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