Confession Hour

My name is Graciella, and I am a procrastinator with symptoms of chronic lateness. I openly admit that life’s daily and busy schedule for me can overshadow the realization on the importance of not waiting until the last minute to finish something or showing up to events on time. Procrastination is my weakness when it comes to my school work. Being late is my weakness when it comes to my social life. Both are not good things, and both are things I need to work on.

For example, although the thought of knowing I have an assignment due next week gnaws away at the back of my brain, a little voice suddenly grabs my attention and says, “It’s okay, girl. You can do it tomorrow.” Any second thought of trying to figure out an earlier time to start working on homework is dismissed and my attention goes back to other events of my day. This explains why I’m here at 7:59 PM, two nights before this assignment is due, typing out this paper when I could already be in bed relaxing for the night. I try to find a valid excuse for my procrastination, but there really isn’t anything I can come up with. I’ll just say that I wait until the last minute because I think I’m super woman. My superpowers entail managing to do the impossible, like putting together projects two days before they’re due. However, in all reality, I should have been working on them weeks in advanced and my stress level is on overdrive.

That also goes with arriving late. I am the worst when it comes to being on time for events, especially class or scheduled plans I make with my family or friends. I want to sit here and blame my culture for this problem that I have, but just because Filipinos always run an hour late, doesn’t mean I have to give in to the same bad habit. This problem is at the point where my boyfriend has to tell me to be at a certain place fifteen minutes in advanced so that I’ll be on time. Also, there was this one quarter where I was late to one class the whole eleven weeks. One of my classmates even called me out about it in front of my teacher and other classmates. It was absolutely mortifying.

On the flip side, I know I have problems. Now, I just need to fix them. This year, I decided to really buckle down and settle these issues once and for all. I’m happy to say that I have made great effort to not procrastinate or arrive late to classes/events and have succeeded.

Although in my head I want to convince myself that procrastination provokes some really awesome work out of me, I have to realize that it’s because I’m wrecking my brain out for ideas and am on a time crunch. At this point, I have to work twice as hard and get things done faster than I initially did. If I actually plan ahead and put my time management skills to good use, I can get many things done without feeling this cloud of pressure above me that’s pouring down big glops of stress and anxiety. I can actually enjoy the aspects of doing a homework assignment and receive my good grades for working hard. During these past few quarters at school, I’m proud to say that I have completed more homework assignments in a good amount of time before the due date. By doing this, it was as if a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. It felt great to know that I didn’t have to worry about completing my assignments the night before they were due. I could actually sleep and wake up the next morning without any extra stress worry.

With being late, I am still working on that. However, I am happy to say that I have made advances in this problem as well. They say that who you spend your time with reflects back on you. Luckily, I have made the effort to learn and pick up the habit of being early from my friends and boyfriend. Usually, I’m late because I don’t give myself enough time to do the things I need to do before an event I have scheduled. Or sometimes, I’m close to running late and just tell myself that everyone is expecting me to be late already, so why not prove them right. Both of these things are not okay, and they sure as heck won’t be okay once I am out in the fashion industry or in any industry for that matter.

In order to fix these issues, I now plan accordingly. I write down every event I have scheduled in a planner so I can refer back to it later. I wake up earlier to get a head start on my day. I pick out my clothes the night before a crazy busy day. I also pack the things I need the next day on the night before. I plan and pack my meals for the week to save myself time in between classes and events. I aim to leave the house an hour early and time my driving distance just right. All of these things may seem little, but it’s the little things that take up a lot of my energy and time and force me to be late when I don’t think about them or do them ahead of time.

By replacing my bad habits with new ones, I hope to achieve even more success in defeating procrastination and chronic lateness. As tempting as it may be to dwell in the abyss of these two dark sides, I would much rather see the light and focus on accomplishing my goals of using proper time management skills and arriving to scheduled events early or on time. With these good habits, I can put these tools under my belt in order to prepare myself for my field. Then, as a well-organized fashionista, I can walk professionally and confidently into the career that awaits me.

Thoughts? :)

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