Fashion Favorites: Target Thursday

[Reader’s Note: I went to Target with my Mom the other day and I about died from excitement from all the new Fall clothing they had on their sales floor. With the encouragement of my Mom (and because I was basically a hyper child in a candy store at this point), I decided to buy some new threads for the new school quarter. Since I bought so many amazing pieces, I want to share my outfits with you in this new segment called Target Thursdays. Every Thursday for the next few weeks, I will blog about the new stylish pieces I bought at Target and show you how I wore my new duds. I’m super excited about this segment and I hope you will be too. 🙂 ]

Fall quarter has struck the Art Institute here in Vegas ! Aside from school supplies and adjusting to a hectic schedule (yet again), I also need to prepare myself for the upcoming season by revamping my wardrobe. Although the crisp and cool weather hasn’t necessarily hit our desert land, it’s not too early to start incorporating some fall pieces into my everyday style. Or maybe I’m making an excuse just so I can break out my boots… But still ! 🙂 Incorporating fall pieces into my look now can still be done in a way where I don’t look crazy for wearing black boots in 80 degree weather. I look crazy enough, so I don’t need that to happen.

For this week’s post, I want to show you all my back to school outfit ! This dress is one of the pieces I bought at Target. I saw this dress at the store and couldn’t stop raving to my Mom about how much I loved it. With its fabulous blend of florals and pleats, I just HAD to feature it in this week’s Target Thursdays report. Also, I’ve been itching to wear a dress with my trusty high heeled boots that I’ve had for years (Got them as a birthday gift from my friend). I figured since it’s still pretty warm out, it’d be ridiculous to wear a tall boot. However, I can still fulfill my boot wearing desires by pulling off this look with a short boot instead. And you can bet  I took advantage of this opportunity !

Take a look at the pics below to see how I wore this look. I linked the dress in case any of you were interested in buying it at all. Just click on the first picture below and it’ll lead you right to Target’s website. 🙂

2014-10-08 12.31.32
Dress-Target; Shoes- Anne Michelle
2014-10-08 12.32.55
Necklace- Urban Outfitters; Bracelets- Aldo

2014-10-08 12.33.35 2014-10-08 12.33.50 2014-10-08 12.34.10 2014-10-08 12.34.142014-10-08 20.16.33 2014-10-08 20.17.25
Hope you all enjoyed this entry. Stay tuned for more Target Thursdays post ! Also, I want to say a HUGE thank you to Gedalya Krycer Designs (a.k.a. : My talented and amazingly helpful boyfriend)  for helping me take pictures of my look ! Thank you, Gedalya. 🙂

Until next time, fashion bugs !

Thoughts? :)

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