Hottie’s World

A couple weeks ago, my good friend Kriscia Garcia invited me to spend some time with her at a local boutique here in Vegas called Hottie’s World. Hottie’s carries women’s contemporary apparel and accessories. From casual styles to sexy and sophisticated looks, Hottie’s carries a plethora of fashions that can carry you from day to night.

Kriscia asked me to help her out with dressing the store’s mannequins for the front window displays and dress forms. I gladly accepted and we spent the afternoon searching through the store for Hottie’s latest apparel and accessories. The theme for most of our looks were black and white. We wanted to showcase looks that show-off the trends Hottie’s World carries that are fashionable for the end of Summer. Here are some of the looks that we came up with:

This look is versatile, meaning it can go casual if paired with flat sandals, or formal if paired with a good pair of strappy heels. I loved how this particular crop top had fabric at the waist, not showing off too much belly. The ruching at the side of the skirt gives it some life, giving some form and flattery on the body.


This look was inspired by the California beach look. Of course, shorts are a must when trucking through beautiful sands on the shores of CA, along with a good pair of shades, like the aviators shown here. We wanted to incorporate the “BOSS” crop top because every girl should feel like one (cue “BO$$ by Fifth Harmony here). The kimono was added for those slightly cold winded days on the shore, while the necklace was incorporated to add a little bling to the look.


This look was our “Night Out on the Town” look. Since we live in Vegas, going out clothes are a must in every girl’s closet. We wanted something that was fitting for any night time event on the Strip, whether it be a nice date night, drinks with the girls, or a party at the night club. Again, we see the crop top, but this time with a matching skirt. We wanted to add the statement necklace to give the outfit more pizzazz since it was all black. The creme colored structured purse was added because it’s the perfect trendy accessory to hold your personal belongings during a night out on the town.


This looks was our Summer day time look. I envisioned a lady sporting a nice pair of sandals, going out with her friends for lunch, and going shopping afterwards in an outdoor mall. I also envisioned her wearing wedges and attending an outdoor formal party for work or with her family & friends. The white hat definitely made this a summer look, while the layered necklace and large bangle gave the look more femininity.


This look was inspired by the Party Girl, but a party girl who didn’t want to go full out in a dress. Her next best bet would be to slip on these harem pants. Harem pants are usually a lot looser than the ones shown in the picture, but since this look is more sexy, we wanted the pants to be more form fitting to show off some curves. The solid ivory crop top goes perfect with the print on the pants. We added some jewelry for embellishments and VOILA ! She looks ready for a night out !


This was a doll form displayed in front of the store. It actually already had this outfit on there, but Kriscia and I changed up the accessories. Again, we have the harem pants, but this time with a colored tank that’s tucked in. The statement necklace adds more color to the outfit, giving it a bright and fun look.


This look was part of Hottie’s new Fall collection. The sweater dress has a creative print on it, making anyone who wears it stand out beautifully. We added the gold and black accessories to accentuate the outfit more, but not in a way where it would be overbearing. Pair this outfit with some high heeled booties and and tights, and it’s the perfect outfit for a night out.


Aside from working on these mannequins, Kriscia also picked out some clothing and styled me for her portfolio. Check out the looks she created !

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed putting these outfits together with Kriscia. To check out more styles from Hottie’s World, click here for store locations to shop at the nearest Hottie’s World here in Vegas ! 🙂 A BIG thank you to my beautiful friend Kriscia for letting me tag along to style these mannequins with her and play dress up ! Love you, girl. ❤

Thoughts? :)

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