WWDMAGIC 2014: @EnCreme

During the WWDMAGIC event, my friends and I admired all the clothing brands that filled the showroom floor. From elaborate gowns, to casual wear, we started to feel excited about the new clothes for the autumn season. However, one clothing brand just stuck out to us while wandering the floor: En Creme. En Creme is a California based junior apparel brand that strives to create garments that are simply stylish and natural. Think of Anthropologie and Free People’s styles all combined into one store; Simple silhouettes with flirty & vintage elements.

We entered the booth and fell in love with everything. The long sweater knits, the printed dresses, the colorful plaids… it was all gorgeous! Then, one of the workers of the booth approached us and we gushed to her about how wonderful all the clothing was. To our surprise, she received our excitement so graciously and answered any questions we had. She then told us that the company was taking pictures for a contest they were holding for the buyers, but she offered to snap a pic of our group with her Polaroid camera as a keepsake for ourselves.

En Creme
En Creme

Be sure to follow En Creme on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)! Also, check our their website and browse through their different lookbooks for the fall!

Site: En Creme
Twitter/Instagram: @EnCreme/ @EnCremeUSA
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/encremeUSA/timeline
Pre-Fall Look Book: http://www.encreme.com/pre-fall-2014/
Fall: http://www.encreme.com/fw-2014/

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