Beauty Picks & Tricks: Hair Curling Tutorial


Since I could remember, I’ve always loved having curling hair. So it’s no shock when I say that 8/10 times, you’ll see my hair done in curls and ready to take on the day. Most people think it takes a lot of time, but anyone can get this look with my simple tutorial! Watch my new Beauty Picks & Tricks video on the blog to see the easiest way to achieve long lasting, bouncy curls…

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Faithfully Honest: The Glory Moment


Created by the talented @letteringlis

Lately I’ve been feeling really tired & unmotivated to accomplish my extra-curriculars. I know that this is temporary, but the feeling is hard to overcome. There’s this gnawing feeling in the back of my head that keeps my mind focused on the negative. I start to think that if I was really passionate about the things I do, then why do I feel this way…

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Style Spotlight: Anisa Kelso of Green Stitch Fabrics

It’s funny to think that people don’t realize Las Vegas has a fashion industry. With hundreds of brands, new and old, and the place that hosts the largest buyer’s convention in the world, Vegas has a creative scene that is quite understated. Yes, it’s small, but we’re still here. From artists, to designers, to writers and visionaries… Las Vegas is brimming with talent and I love connecting with people who share that same vision.

It’s a blessing that I’ve met some wonderful people in this city, all who possess unique and amazing talents. One in particular is my passionate designing diva of a friend, Anisa Kelso of Green Stitch Fabrics. A lady full of knowledge, experience and passion, Anisa is inspired by the many places of Vegas and channels that into her fabric designs and clothing.

I met up with Anisa in Downtown Las Vegas, where I was able to have a first hand experience with her fashion designs by modeling them for her site.

Read more about Anisa and her design inspirations below…


Name: Anisa Kelso

Age: 30ish

Where are you originally from?
Los Angeles


Tell us about your company, Green Stitch Fabrics.
GS is where designers can find the trend fabrics of the season and put their spin on a trend. It is a place to get tools to create things that are uniquely for customers. I try to inspire designs by creating a few of my own. We specialize in natural based products that are made with care for the fabric and those that make it. A great fabric inspires a great finish.


As a designer, sometimes you need something to trigger your creative ideas.
Where do you draw your inspirations from?

I have a great design room in my house and I take photos of things I like,
such as plants, food… anything that jump-starts an idea.


What inspired the looks you designed and created for this shoot?
I loved the art on the buildings. It is just randomly on a street with abandoned buildings.
It’s created art from the empty. This is one of my favorite places to watch in the city.

wonderful photo-2

What’re three pieces of advice that you would give to any inspiring designer that’s still starting out?
Break the rules of design to make it your own.
Find ways to create from very little.
You never know what it will turn into.

To see more of Anisa’s designs, go to here website here. Also, make sure to follow her Facebook page to stay up to date on all her upcoming projects!

Shout out to OOTDreamer for being an amazing photographer and capturing these shots.

Happy Saturday!

Accessory of the Moment: Soothi Jewelry

In business, being socially conscious is a very important quality to have. Whether it’s a food brand that uses organically & locally grown ingredients, a technology company that creates products out of recyclable materials or a fashion brand that strives to create collections that benefit an important charity, it’s great to see how companies strive to help the world.

What I find interesting is how creative some companies get when they decide to be economically responsible. One jewelry company in particular, Soothi, fits this description perfectly. Soothi is a sustainable jewelry company that stands for the importance of being socially conscious while preserving the arts. The brand is ran by the philanthropic Krittika, where she firmly believes in the importance of providing ethically sourced products that are casual and affordable. In order to create their beautifully crafted products, the company re-purposes coconut shells and recycled wood pieces. Soothi also strives to empower women and impoverished artists, working and educating them the importance of sustainability and being self-sufficient.

Okay, speaking as a woman, any company that strives to empower the female species (or anyone for that matter), has a gold star in my book. Also, making beautiful jewelry pieces out of recycled anything is amazing to me because I love seeing people re-purpose old and battered things and turning them into beautiful pieces of art. And the fact that they are striving to preserve art and help artisans all over just completely tugs on my heart strings! There are some people in the world who frown upon the idea of seeing art as an industry that is beneficial to the world. I find it quite disheartening that art is usually the first subject pulled out of schools because they see it as something at the bottom of the totem pole. Everything Soothi stands for are things I stand behind. It’s wonderful to see a company that not only produces charming jewelry, but exudes what makes a great company, which is fighting for something that will help the world be a better place.

As for the products, Soothi has one collection called The Yoga Collection. The pieces are either boho inspired, nature inspired or color inspired. Each piece of jewelry is hand crafted to perfection. For today’s post, I’m wearing two amazingly detailed pieces from their Yoga Collection that are boho inspired, the crystal yoga bracelet and the geometric mandala earrings.

When it comes to jewelry, the main thing I consider is how much use will I get out of the product. I usually think, “Will I be able to use this product year round, no matter what season?” Like I’ve stated in my previous post, the chill of fall has finally hit Las Vegas. It’s time to wear cozy sweaters and boots, something that I love! However, I know that by February or March, the chill will disappear and the heat will greet our desert land once more. So the first thing I did with these Soothi products was try to figure out how I would be able to incorporate them into my wardrobe, not only for the cold months that are upon us, but for the hot months next year.












Because most of my closet is bohemian inspired anyways, it was easy for me to incorporate these pieces into my fall/winter wardrobe. The jewelry seemed to pop from my outfit as I matched them with my grey knit, blue winter headband and grey thigh-high boots.

It’s interesting because I would never think to use wood jewelry pieces for my fall/winter outfits. Before, I considered wood jewelry to be used in spring/summer, but I was pleasantly surprised to see that I could use Soothi’s pieces for the colder seasons as well.

Now, let’s see how I transitioned these pieces for spring/summer…





DSC_1233-2 DSC_1241-2




For spring/summer, I would wear Soothi’s boho inspired jewelry with a floral dress to play off the nature aesthetics of the jewelry. Because the jewelry pieces are in neutral colors and have amazing detail, this transition was easy to make from fall/winter to spring/summer.

Overall, Soothi’s jewelry is great to use year round, season not being a factor. I loved how easy the transition was! Another thing I need to note is how light in weight these pieces are. As much as I love big statement earrings, sometimes it’s hard for me to wear them all day because of how heavy they are. These Soothi geometric mandala earrings are big in size, but don’t weigh my earlobes down, preventing the usual headache I would normally get from big statement earrings. The crystal yoga bracelet is also very light in weight. With its suede cord and coconut shell button as a clasp, this piece is easy to put on and take off without the fuss. Also, the design of the bracelet is beautiful and is a really unique piece!

To see more beautifully hand crafted pieces from Soothi, visit their website: The company offers free shipping to any order that is $35 or more along with free international shipping $50 or more! [Bonus tip: they sell hand made journals, keychains and envelopes! :)]

Also, check out their social media accounts and follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

Shout-out to my beautiful best friend Kriscia  (Also known as OOTDreamer) for taking these amazing pics!

Happy Sunday, my beauties !



Fashion Favorites: Featuring Patty’s Closet

Contrary to popular belief, Las Vegas DOES get cold. Although for some people that may be a hard concept grasp, us Vegas locals DO own thick coats, gloves, hats and boots. However, it isn’t until November or December that we really start to feel the chill in the air, which is kind of a bummer for me as a Michigan native because I am used to enjoying the start of fall in September. Being the weirdo that I am, I usually spend the month of October hoping that the cold sneaks upon us earlier by slowly incorporating boots, tights, and long jackets into my wardrobe. But every year, it’s the same; it’s not until Halloween weekend that it starts to get cold. But guess what tomorrow is?! HALLOWEEN!!! The cold air is starting to creep in among us. If only you could see the huge smile that is plastered my face as I sit here with my hot tea, fleece pajamas and fuzzy slippers. I’m listening to the whisper of the cold wind sweeping through the valley, making me excited to say that fall has officially hit Las Vegas.

To exemplify my excitement, this week’s Fashion Favorites post features one of my favorite fall wardrobe outfits from none other than Patty’s Closet, a local Las Vegas fashion boutique. My beautiful friend (and manager of the store), Angel, helped me pick out this awesome shift dress from their new fall stock.


This dress is so comfortable, and the design on the dress is absolutely beautiful. I’ve worn this dress to different occasions, like for my Links of London event, dinner with my friends and for gallivanting around Lake Las Vegas 😉 You can wear this dress from day to night, no problem. I would just probably change up the shoes to heels if I was going out at night. 

For this shoot, I decided to wear this outfit in a more casual form with tights and boots. The dress is also kind of loose, so I decided to match it with my crimson colored Patty’s Closet belt. 

Thank you to Patty’s Closet on Rainbow and Windmill here in Vegas. Follow them on IG to see the new styles they have for the fall: and 

Also, they do ship to customers out of state, just give the store a call 🙂

A huge thank you to Ben Sahagun Photography for these awesome pictures 🙂 I always have so much fun shooting with this guy. He’s new to the IG world, so show him some love and follow him at:

Happy Halloween ! 


Links of London: 25th Anniversary Event

Last weekend, I raved about an exquisite jewelry company called Links of London  The company recently celebrated their 25th anniversary and released their new collection, Timeless. In honor of the special occasion, the boutique was holding a 25% off sale on every item in the store. I was able to help celebrate the momentous occasion by inviting a few of my friends to shop. Check out the pics below to see photos of the fantastic event and glamorous jewelry along with the smiles and fun we had !

Also, I’m proud to announce that I am an owner of the most darling Friendship bracelet from Links of London! This gorgeous piece is gold (which all know I love) and it has a dark crimson colored cord that makes it easy to put on or off. I even had my initials engraved on the logo toggle, a free service from the brand 🙂

 Thank you to Links of London at the Grand Canal shoppes for hosting this great event! It was a blast 🙂 And again, happy 25th anniversary ❤

Make sure to check out their website to see more beautifully crafted pieces and to learn more about the brand:

Also, one of the supervisors, Lauren, has made an Instagram account in support of the store and the company. Follow her at:

Happy Wednesday, loves !

Links of London: An Introduction

When it comes to jewelry, I usually try to stay thrifty. I aim for bohemian style pieces that can be worn with all the flowy apparel in my closet, but sometimes it’s nice to splurge a little bit and get a great quality piece of jewelry.

Although I’m no expert, I know what I like when I jewelry shop. So when I stopped by Links of London in the Grand Canal Shoppes at the Palazzo, I just knew there was something special about the petite shoppe that stood in the middle of the floor. When I walked in, the place seemed to brim with sparkle as each shiny piece of jewelry reflected against the light.

If you haven’t heard of Links of London, you’re in for a treat ! This company has been around since 1990 and has developed over the years as a quality brand with timeless pieces. They offer accessories for both men and women, ranging from watches to bracelets to necklaces to cuff links to rings. Each piece embodies a classic style with a British twist, giving its customers affordable luxury pieces. Some celebs who are famously known to sport the brand are Kate Middleton, Alexa Chung and Harry Styles.

Now, on their 25th year as an outstanding brand, Links of London has debuted their Timeless Collection. This collection was inspired by the famous clock tower in London, Big Ben. Each piece is sterling silver and exquisitely made with intricate details. I was able to check out the pieces for myself and was so amazed at their stunning designs! Thanks to Lauren for being my model 😉

To see more beautifully crafted designs, visit the Links of London store in the Grand Canal Shoppes 🙂 You can also check out their online store for more stunning pieces from the brand.

Happy Saturday, everyone !

Fashion Favorites

The art of thrifting is a quality I deeply admire. I have many friends who find their best threads at their local Salvation Army, Good Will, Buffalo Exchange, or Plato’s Closet. It’s in these places they find hidden gems that are only half the cost (or less) than the retail price it was originally sold.They walk out of a thrift store looking like a million bucks and it’s amazing to me ! *Que Thirft Shop by Macklemore*

Although I admire my friends’ talents, I kind of get intimidated walking in to these places because there’s just SO MUCH to go through. So a couple months ago, in an attempt to budget out my money yet still shop to my heart’s content, I went to Plato’s Closet here in Henderson, Nevada. To my surprise, shopping at Plato’s was a lot simpler than shopping at a Good Will or a Salavation Army. Aside from the smiling faces that greeted me at the door and the laid back atmosphere, the store organized their clothing by type, color, and season. It made me feel like I was going to one of my friend’s houses and scavenging their closet for something to borrow for the weekend.

I walked out of the place feeling quite thrilled: I only spent $40 dollars and I bought 6 articles of clothing. I actually went home and later found out that I scored a pair of expensive LA branded jeans for only $10 (Originally $50)!!!! Tell me that isn’t amazing?!

So for this week’s Fashion Favorites post, I wanted to show you two of my favorite pieces I got that day: A bohemian inspired blouse (originally from Forever 21) and my new favorite jeans!










These jeans are the comfiest pairs of jeans I’ve ever owned! They have a slight stretch to them, so it almost feels like I’m wearing leggings. Also, as someone who is only 5’2 it can be difficult to find jeans to fit my height. These pants end just below my ankle, so I don’t have to roll them or fold them or anything! Also, they have a cute zipper on the side of the ankle, giving them more of an edge.

The top is also super comfy! On days where I want to wear something cute to match my jeans, but don’t want to wear a form fitting top (Ladies, you know what I’m talking about), I like to wear something a bit more loose. This top is perfect for one of those days !! I also love the design and the color palette of this top. It’s not overdone, and the blue is beauttiiiiiifulllll !

So the verdict? I would definitely try thrift shopping again !!! I’m so surprised I found such amazing pieces for such cheap prices. If you haven’t already, check out your nearest Plato’s Closet. Who knows what kind of gems you’ll find? 🙂

Thanks to Ben Sahagun Photography for capturing these photos ! You rock, Ben 😀

Happy weekend, beautiful people

Fashion Favorites: R & D Hipster Emporium

One thing I love about fashion is how styles and trends recycle throughout time. For example, right now a lot of 60’s and 70’s inspired looks are coming back into the scene. Mod looks, flared pants, flowy garments, thigh high boots, hippie florals….the works!

Since I’m already in love with the bohemian style, it’s no surprise that I’m super excited about this. It’s definitely nice to see these pieces are more popular making them more accessible. 🙂

So when I walked into R & D Hipster Emporium at Boca Park in Summerlin, I was so happy to find that not only they carried bohemian style pieces, but other unique items as well! Although I live in Vegas, it can be quite the hunt to find unique pieces to add your wardrobe. However, this place is one of those best kept secrets in the city and has officially become one of my favorite stores.

I went into R & D when I was looking for a dress to wear to MAGIC, a large buyers convention that happens here in Vegas twice a year. Of course I wanted to wear my coolest threads, but had a moment where I stared at my closet full of garments and still saw nothing to wear. (Ladies, you know what I’m talking about lol ) That’s when R & D came into mind.

I was helped by the cutest sales associate, Casey, who chose a few garments throughout the store. After trying them on and narrowing down what I liked and didn’t like, I ended up with this beautiful flowy dress from Show Me Your Mumu.











This dress was such a pleasure to wear !!! What I loved most about this outfit was the sleeves of this dress. It really added something special to this piece because it played up the bohemian style. Plus, I just really love the look of large sleeves. 

I matched it with my magenta colored heels to bring out the floral design of the dress. I didn’t do black because I thought it would be fun to do a colored shoe with this outfit 🙂 

Thanks to Casey from R & D Hipster Emporium for helping me pick out this dress. You can find more of their awesome products on their website at: 🙂

Shout out to Ben Sahagun Photography for these awesome pic (yet again lol) !

Happy Saturday, loves !